$VSC 和Vyvo威利點有什麼不同?

The Vyvo Token is a utility token with a stable (fixed) value of SGD 1.00 which will not change over time, whereas $VSC is a native coin of the Vyvo Smart Chain, it will only produce during the Ico (initial coin offering) phase and through the mining process, it is a Value Seeking Token and it will be used also for the gas fee transaction.

Its value is determined by the market.



以下常見問答僅針對與Vyvo相關的VSC Coin之問題。 如果您對ERC 20 token、以太坊、Gas、智能合約、法定貨幣、加密貨幣等其他一般主題有疑問,建議您自行查閱並諮詢相關領域的專家來為您提供獨立建議。

Vyvo does not assign Tokens or promote investment, financial products, or income from the Token emission. Instead, Tokens are assigned by the Data Token Reward program and data production coming from Vyvo devices and third parties.


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