How to navigate and place an order in the Official Vyvo Store.

The Official Vyvo Store is your designated area where you can place an order for Vyvo products and services.

1. Before you proceed to select a product, you must log in to the system or register on the platform.

2. Once in the store, you will land in the area of your selected Country, visible on the top left side of the screen. 

You can switch the store country at any time through the menu, but the products will be shipped exclusively to the selected country, to a valid address. Otherwise, the order cannot be placed. Subscription services are excluded from the country choice.

3. You will find the Category tab below the Country menu. Packs, Products, or exclusive promotions are located in different areas of the store; you can enter each area via the tabs visible on the top left side of the screen. 


4. Select your products or packs and add them to your cart. The cart is fully editable and visible on the right side of the screen. Proceed to Pay Now when you are done making your selection.  

5. In the check out step, you can review your order, select or add the billing and shipping addresses, accept the Terms and Conditions, and proceed to Confirm and Pay.

6. In the last step, you can review your order, and check the finalized shipping costs and taxes applied to the purchase. You must also accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and proceed to pay, by choosing between the payment methods available in your country.

7. As soon as your payment is confirmed (depending on the payment method), you will receive an email with your order details, including the order identification number.

8. You can check your order details (Shipping information, Order status, etc.) at any time from your back office account in My Orders.


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