What do the Founders Packages include?

Two packages are available for the Early-Bird's Promo:


Founder Package 1


Founder Package 2


5 Watch Generation 2


3 Watch Lite SE


5 VyvoPay band


3 Watch Generation 2


5 one-month-free subscription voucher


6 VyvoPay band


6 one-month-free subscription voucher



The price is $1.500 USD for each pack, and both generate 1500 SV and a $150 USDReferral Bonus.

Please note:

The shipping costs on these packs are calculated on each item and may vary depending on the receiver’s country of residence. For example, the purchase of 2 packs means paying the shipping fee twice; purchasing three packs means paying the shipping fee three times, and so on.

1. For every Founders Pack purchased users will receive for free 1x Founders kit.

2. Every user who purchased at least one Founder Pack (from September 27th to October 31st, 2022) can:

  • Redeem one, and one only, BioSense at the special price of $49 (plus shipping).
  • Qualify for one, and one only, BioSense for free (plus shipping) if they sell a minimum of one Founders Box.

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