What is the warranty policy for my Vyvo Device?

The general term of guarantee established by Vyvo is one1 year from the date of delivery, for all products except for specific individual items such as digital services. More info in Terms Warranty.

Each product can be replaced twice per unit during the warranty year, via approval for returns by completing a Return Merchandise Authorization for a Refund (“Refund-RMA”) from Customer Care.

Please note:

  • The warranty policy is subject to laws and regulations of the Member’s residing country and countries where Vyvo is located; in some countries it can be extended due to local regulations.
  • Vyvo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify these terms and conditions and terms of warranty for each product, giving timely information to its distributors and users, without any complaint or claim that may be advanced by a third party, with the company remaining exempt from all liability. 

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