Maximizing your Vyvo device performance

Vyvo devices are valuable allies in our health journey, but, just like our body, they need to be handled with care. 
We added two new sections in the Device category of the Vyvo Info Center, dedicated to technical advice on how to keep your Vyvo LifeWatch operations working at peak performance, and how to perform correct maintenance with practical step-by-step tutorials.

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Here are some simple tips and tricks to help with the day-to-day usage that you should know.


real_device_mockup_shaped_Tavola_disegno_1.png How to keep your Vyvo device at its normal operating temperature.
Vyvo devices have a set temperature range, within which they operate at their best. Use this guide to help keep your device within this range.

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Lithium-ion battery useful tips.
Because these batteries are more sensitive than alkaline batteries, they need to be treated with care.

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mockup_device_and_app_realistic_shaped_Tavola_disegno_1.png Prevent screen burn on your Vyvo device.
If you notice any discoloration on your LifeWatch screen, you may be experiencing screen burn. However, it's easy to prevent it on your LifeWatch.

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