What does the Future Maker Pack contain?

The Future Maker Pack contains:

  • 1 LifeWatch Generation 2
  • 1 LifeWatch Lite SE
  • 2 VyvoPay Band & VyvoPay Card
  • 1 Leggera 2
  • 2 1-Month Free Vyvo Subscription Vouchers for each device.*

With every Future Maker Pack you purchase, you receive one Vyvo Hub for free.

The price is $499 USD, and the pack generates 500 SV at the purchase and $50 USD of Referral Bonus.

The 2000 promo SV — to both the buyer and their Referrer — are assigned as personal Carry Forward for the following Commission Cycle in the stronger Business Group.


Please note:

The Voucher does not cover shipping fees and does not produce SV. A Member is eligible to use one voucher during the lifetime of their Vyvo account, and for only one type of subscription.

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