What are the benefits of participating in the Future Maker Promotion?

You can benefit from this new promotion in two ways:

  • Future Maker Pack Promotion:

For each referral (unlimited) of the Future Maker Pack, the buyer and their Referrer will personally receive 2000 SV in their stronger Business Group.* With every Future Maker Pack you purchase, you also receive one free Vyvo Hub!

  • Future Maker Event Promotion:

- Qualify as Premier or above in either July or August monthly cycles to receive your invitation to attend the Future Maker Event in Thailand.

- Qualifying Ambassadors** will be provided accommodations at no charge.


* In the case of equal (balanced) volumes, the Personal Business Group will be considered, instead of the Shared Business Group.

** An Ambassador must qualify at Premier or higher to attend.

Please note:

The promo SV are assigned as personal Carry Forward for the following Commission Cycle in the stronger Business Group.

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