Vyvo Smart Chain Milestone Update

We’re excited to share some key milestones and provide a roadmap of what we have accomplished and where we are going.

First, we’ll share how your Vyvo Reserve Tokens are going to multiply by 10. Then, how you’ll connect Vyvo Devices and Hubs to start earning Vyvo Coins, plus we’ll share more info on Vyvo Smart Chain.

Key Milestone Roadmap:

  • June 21-July 21 // 10X Boost “Vyvo Reserve Tokens”.
  • July 5th // Update the App, Connect Devices, and Setup Hubs.
  • As early as Q4 // Vyvo Coin is available for licensed exchange.

Please note: Due to the evolutionary nature of the blockchain, there may be some slight adjustments to the processes & timelines we have discussed in this email.

1. 10X Vyvo Token Boost

As promised, it is time to 10X the Vyvo Reserve Tokens in your Tank. You have from June 21st to July 21st, 2022, to Boost Vyvo Reserve Tokens at a 1:10 ratio. All you need to do is log in to vyvotoken.com, click on the “Tank” Tab. agree to the terms, and click the “Boost Vyvo Reserve Tokens" button. You will see the results instantly.

For example, if you have 100 Vyvo Reserve Tokens in the Tank, you’ll have 1,000 Vyvo Reserve Tokens after the boost.

Vyvo Reserve Tokens not boosted will be removed from the system after the 21st of July, so be sure to boost between June 21st and July 21st, 2022.

As you know, Vyvo Reserve Tokens in the tank cannot be exchanged and will have a value that will be set by the market at a future date. Vyvo Reserve Tokens and Vyvo Coins currently have no monetary value and should not be acquired or promoted for investment.

2. Update the App, Connect Devices, Setup Hubs, and Earn Vyvo Coins

Starting on July 5th, 2022, you must update your App to connect your device for future mining. You will also be able to connect multiple devices utilizing hubs in the back office. We will be providing you with training to guide you step-by-step to setting up your devices and hubs.

Where permitted by law, you will be able to start earning Vyvo Coins as soon as we complete the two Community pushes outlined below. For those unfamiliar with this process, the Vyvo Coin value will be determined by the open market as early as Q4 of 2022 (see below).

As a Vyvo member, you will be participating in the validation of our Proof of Sensing protocol as you connect devices to hubs and begin to earn Vyvo Coins. These efforts will aid in the maturing of the Vyvo Coin in preparation for listing on licensed exchanges.

2 Steps: Vyvo Community Push

We need as many members as possible to complete these two steps. If we work together we’ll hit 100% of the platform requirement quickly. You will see a progress bar updated in your back office and vyvotoken.com.

  1. Set Up a Metamask Wallet
    We recommend Metamask, a leading 3rd party crypto wallet, although you can utilize any Ethereum-qualified wallet. www.metamask.io.
  2. Connect Devices and Hubs
    Starting July 5th, you’ll be able to update your App and connect devices and hubs. This program will replace the current Vyvo rewards token program.

3. Vyvo Smart Chain & Vyvo Coin

Earlier this year, our Chairman and Chief Visionary Officer, Fabio Galdi, shared with us his vision for the Vyvo Smart Chain and the roadmap for the First Decentralized Digital Health Platform and Ecosystem.

Innovation and disruption take time to do right, and the Vyvo Coin is no exception. Many cryptocurrencies take years to bring to market. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the specific legal requirements for your market to ensure the Vyvo Coin will be fully compliant when it launches.

Most Cryptocurrencies are essentially copying each other in a race of speculation. That is what makes Vyvo Coin so unique, we are pioneering a new type of coin based on the value of health data. The Vyvo Smart Chain platform will empower Vyvo customers to own and monetize their anonymous bio-data, something that only large tech companies have been able to participate in—until now.

This new platform is based on Ethereum blockchain technology and Vyvo’s proprietary Proof of Sensing protocol (VSP20). We anticipate Vyvo Coin will be a native cryptocurrency and the protocol token of the Vyvo Smart Chain. It will be a value-seeking coin that will be traded on locally-licensed crypto exchanges in keeping with local laws and regulations. As Fabio stated months ago, this phase will begin as early as Q4 of 2022 and its value will be determined by the open market.

What we are doing together is disruptive and transformational. As we work together to create the first Decentralized Digital Health Ecosystem, we are shaping the future. Thanks to you, Vyvo is the first to bring together wellness, wearable devices, and blockchain technology.

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