What is the Heart Rate feature, and what can I do with it?

Your Heart Rate is determined by how many times your heart beats in one minute.

Your Life Watch detects your heart rate and, combined with other data, can deduce your Heart Rate Variability (HRV); When the elaboration of the data collected by the device is ready, your App will display your average , lowest and highest heart rates registered by your device.

Heart Rate is also related to and affected by physical activity. When using the device in Sport mode to monitor your exercises, the changes in beats per minute (BPM) are recorded and will appear on the watch screen during the activity. When the exercise is completed, your Heart Rate will be reported in the App along with the duration of the activity.

Taking note of your heart rate during your physical activities can help you monitor the intensity of your exercise.

The Heart Rate feature is available on:

Vista_Tavola_disegno_1.png Sense_Tavola_disegno_1.png Icon_Tavola_disegno_1.png Vista+_Tavola_disegno_1.png Watch_Lite_Tavola_disegno_1.png Watch_Lite_SE_Tavola_disegno_1.png Watch_Gen_2_Tavola_disegno_1.png BioSense.png


Y: Yes / X: No.

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