How can I change my Vyvo Subscription AutoRenew preferred payment method?

If you have enabled the AutoRenew function on your services Subscription, the system automatically proceeds to the payment of the necessary amount by following the list of payment methods you previously set in your account.

1. Log in to your account and go to Renewal Settings. If you have more than one card registered, you’ll see them in a list, where the first one is set as the preferred method.


2. You can change the order of payment methods by simply moving up or down the tabs. When you’ve set the order of your card list, click on Confirm to make the change effective.


3. You can also choose to disable the automatic use of one or more payment methods by clicking on the Enabled or Disabled button located on the right side of each tab. Click on Confirm to make the change effective.


Please note:

If you purchased your first Vyvo Subscription by bank transfer, in order to keep the AutoRenew active, you must have at least one valid card registered in your account and make it your preferred payment method.

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