Get a Token Head Start for the New Year!


Because we are still in the spirit of giving, we have an irresistible offer of a Referrer Token Boost as we end the second phase of our Evo Club Prelaunch Promo.

This Referrer Token Boost multiplies your Tokens for all Prelaunch Packs you sell during the Commission Cycle #151 through January 3rd. Normally a sale would earn you 150 Tokens, but with this limited-time promo, we’re BOOSTING it 2x, 3x, and even 4x, it’s all up to you!

Sell 1 VyvoEvo Prelaunch Pack W2
and you'll receive 150* Tokens x 2 = 300 Tokens!

Sell 2 VyvoEvo Prelaunch Pack W2s
and you'll receive 150 + 150 Tokens* x 3 = 900 Tokens!

Sell 3, or more, VyvoEvo Prelaunch Pack W2s
and your Tokens will be boosted 4x!!
That’s 1,800 Tokens when you sell three packs, and 3,000 Tokens (150 + 150 + 150 +150 +150 x 4)* when you sell five packs!!

It’s time for a Token frenzy week!

Accelerated growth is the power of our kind of business, and this Evo Club Prelaunch Promo BOOST means accelerating your Token earnings** from Prelaunch Pack sales! Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your Token earnings!


Get your Pack now! →

Now’s the time to reach out to everyone you know that’s looking for a better way!


All Members are eligible to purchase a VyvoEvo Prelaunch Pack W2 and participate in this promo.

*Following the Evo Club Prelaunch promo the Referrer Tokens received from the purchase will be 300 instead of 150 if the User also purchases a Business Pack.

**Bonus Tokens will remain in the Token Tank until the VyvoEvo Token is released. At that point, Tokens in the Tank will convert 10X and can be traded on the platform.

***Service fee for free Evo Hubs are waived for one year.

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