Evo Club Prelaunch Promo… opportunities never stop!


We’ve reached the second month of our special three-month promotion. There's still time to get a super head start to the launch of a generation through the Evo Club Prelaunch Promo!!!

A little reminder of what you will get with the Vyvo Evo Prelaunch Pack W2:

  • 500 SV and $50 USD of Referral Bonus
  • 5 Evo Hubs + 1 Free for you = 6 Evo Hubs
  • 1 Vyvo LifeWatch Generation 2
  • 1 Month of Vyvo Smart Plan Subscription
  • VyvoPay Card
  • 1 VyvoPay Band! 


December 6th to January 3rd

400 Tokens for the User purchasing the pack and 150 Tokens for the Referrer!*

Double your Tokens

If you previously purchased a Business Pack or Pro Pack, the Tokens generated by the purchase of each Vyvo Evo Prelaunch Pack W2s will automatically be doubled for you and your Referrer!

Learn more 

It doesn't end here!
For every 5th Vyvo Evo Prelaunch Packthat you sell, you will earn an additional 500 Tokens in your Token Tank!
It's true! You can earn unlimited Tokens!

What are you waiting for? Kick start the Evo Club with a large Evo Hub base!

Get your Pack now! →


*The Tokens will be assigned at the end of the Commission Period related to the Vyvo Evo Prelaunch Pack purchase.

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