What does the Vyvo Evo Prelaunch W2 Pack contain?

The Vyvo Evo Prelaunch Pack W2 contains:

  • 1 LifeWatch Generation 2
  • 1 VyvoPay Card
  • 1 VyvoPay Strap
  • 1 Free Month of one of the Vyvo Smart Program Subscriptions.
  • 5+1 Vyvo Hubs with 5 Slots each

The price is $495 USD, and the pack generates 500 SV and $50 USD of Referral Bonus.


The pack will have zero shipping cost until Monday 22nd of November at the closing of the next commission period.

* The items mentioned will be included also in all VyvoEvo Prelaunch packs W2 placed from November 8th.

Please note:

The Referrer will not receive 2 Evo Hubs. The purchaser will receive the Tokens directly into the Token Tank.

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