How Can I Transfer VyvoTokens From My Vyvo Token Wallet to Another User's VyvoCoin Vyvo Token Wallet?

1. Log into your Vyvo Token Wallet. In the Dashboard, in the Vyvo Token Wallet block (screen’s right side), you’ll find Internal transfer. Click on it.


2. Enter the amount of VyvoTokens you want to transfer (minimum is 10). 

Enter the receiver email* (the one they used to sign up within their Vyvo Token Wallet) and, in the last field, Type the 6 number sequence generated by your authenticator App**. 

Click on Transfer.


3. A green confirmation on the screen’s right upper corner will notify the successful transfer outcome.


*Your receiver email can be found on the Receive page, the first section under Vyvo Token Wallet block, screen’s right side of the Dashboard.

**To be able to perform this operation, you have to have your Two-Factor Authentication enabled. Please watch How can I enable the Two-Factor Authentication in my VyvoWallet? to learn how.

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