You can now convert your ECDP into VyvoTokens!



If you are as eager and excited as we are about the PROMO launched last week, the time has now arrived to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Through your Back office, within your Business area, you now have access to the new “Promo: ECDP to Tokens” page, where you can convert ECDP collected* into Tokens.

For each ECDP converted, you’ll receive 100 Tokens instantly right into your Token Tank; this means that you could quickly earn up to 1,000 VyvoEvo Token for each ECDP converted!

Ready to add fuel to the rocket flying towards your dreams?


Check out all the other incredible benefits of this promo in the dedicated Q&A section of Vyvo Info Center →

Take part in this fantastic opportunity by beginning to purchase PRO Packs in the Vyvo official Store →



* from PRO Packs orders completed from August 3rd to October 3rd, 2021 (SGT).

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