How can I activate and set up a Hyperwallet account?

An Hyperwallet account is automatically created at the moment you land on your My Wallet page in your back office. An email will be sent to you notifying you about creating your account and the availability to activate it. You can either click on the email “Activate” button or directly go to

Activate your Hyperwallet account by selecting Activate and using the same e-mail you used to sign up to, App, and VyvoWallet. Proceed to fill up all the required information.


Once you’re on the Home section, you have to choose a transfer method between (or both) PayPal and/or Bank transfer. Fill in all the required information and click Submit.

Please note: Your PayPal transfer method email address must be same as account email address.

Some countries may have different payment methods.


You can also set up your transfer method on the Transfer page (Top menu bar) by clicking on Add new transfer method and following the same process.


On the History page (Top menu bar), you can check all your transaction history and, if you wish, you can download an Excel file with your transactions by clicking the Download button (screen’s right-bottom).


In Settings, you will have your Profile information. If you need to update any of them, please send a request to VyvoSupport Service.

Please note:

the commission fee for the bank transfer is 2.25 Euro, and the process will take 2-4 business days to complete, while the commission fee for the PayPal transfer is 2.25 Euro, and the process will take 30 minutes to complete. Also, be aware that the transfer from Hyperwallet to Bank Account or PayPal is an irreversible action.

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