New fuel for your Token Tank: the ECDP can be converted in VyvoToken!



Can’t wait to own the new VyvoEvo Token? Don’t worry, October is coming, and Vyvo has a great announcement for you!

As you may already know, Vyvo launched the ECDP Promotion during the CEO Conference held on August 3rd. Thousands of Members have been creating their own Data Mining Pools, ensuring many Evo Cloud Data Pools (ECDP) for free.

Now an additional opportunity has arrived! All Members will be given a choice to decide whether they want to convert the ECDP received to 100 VyvoToken! 

Yes, 100 VyvoToken will be credited by Vyvo in the Token Tank for each ECDP the Member decides to swap!* 


Are you ready to take part in this promotion? Start purchasing PRO Packs now in the VYVO OFFICIAL STORE


* The promo is valid for ECDP received for both direct sales and purchases of PRO Packs for orders completed from August 3rd to October 3rd, 2021 (SGT).

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