Is it possible to replace a device with a new one in my ECDP?

Yes, at any point you can swap devices in the ECDP.



These FAQs are designed to address Vyvo related VyvoEvo questions only. If you have questions relating to other general topics such as ERC 20 tokens, Ethereum, Gas, Smart Contracts, Fiat money, cryptocurrencies, then we suggest that you do your research and seek out an expert in those fields that is willing to provide you independent advice.



以下常見問答僅針對與Vyvo相關的VyvoEvo之問題。 如果您對ERC 20 token、以太坊、Gas、智能合約、法定貨幣、加密貨幣等其他一般主題有疑問,建議您自行查閱並諮詢相關領域的專家來為您提供獨立建議。

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