How can I receive my commissions and bonuses in Vyvo Token Wallet?

You can select Vyvo Token Wallet as the destination of your commissions and bonuses from the My Wallet page in your Back office. 

1. Just go to Account > My Wallet. In the last column on the right of your available commissions’ table, under “Withdraw request”, you’ll have the two options: Hyperwallet and VyvoWallet

2. Select VyvoWallet and click on the Request button to ask for the commission to be deposited there.

Your earnings will be automatically converted into VyvoTokens when you choose to move them into your Vyvo Token Wallet.


To be able to receive VyvoTokens, you need to have an active Vyvo Token Wallet. Your VyvoTokens will stay on pending status until the creation of the Wallet.

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