What is the Vyvo Coin and how will it work?

Vyvo Coin or VSC is a native coin of the Vyvo Smart Chain, it will only produce during the Ico (initian coin offering) phase and through the mining process, it is a Value Seeking Token and it will be used also for the gas fee transaction.

You will be able to collect Vyvo Coins through Vvyo devices measurements and a new reward program that will be soon integrated to the Vyvo Generation Business Plan.


These FAQs are designed to address Vyvo related Vyvo Coin questions only. If you have questions relating to other general topics such as ERC 20 tokens, Ethereum, Gas, Smart Contracts, Fiat money, cryptocurrencies, then we suggest that you do your research and seek out an expert in those fields that is willing to provide you independent advice.

Vyvo does not assign Tokens or promote investment, financial products, or income from the Token emission. Instead, Tokens are assigned by the Data Token Reward program and data production coming from Vyvo devices and third parties.

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