Vyvo Generation Rewards Snapshot

We are a pay-it-forward community through a unique platform that is advancing the autonomy of people around the world! Vyvo’s first-ever Digital Health Sharing Economy allows people to truly contribute to the greatest social responsibility that unites citizens of the world. 

More than just high tech, we are reimagining the future and helping people build back greater for a sustainable future for all. Vyvo believes in the self-government of our health, our finances, our happiness, and helping others do the same on a global scale. 

Our Digital Health Sharing Economy is all about paying our Members for referrals. Below is how you can earn additional income when you introduce a new Member into our life-changing Vyvo Community - it’s a triple win and the very first Rewards Plan developed on Blockchain Smart Contracts which means it’s a decentralized monetary system!



The Vyvo Generation Rewards:


Referral Commission

For each sale generated through your personal referral link, you will earn 10% of the corresponding USD value. The best part is that we drop ship straight to your Customers so there is no need to keep inventory. It’s that simple!

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Bonuses and Commissions

Our Bonuses and Commissions are designed for new world entrepreneurs who would like to truly contribute to the expansion of digital health and have their own home-based tech business.

Run and manage your own tech tribe from the comfort and security of your home, or wherever you wish! All sales generated from your team earn you incredible bonuses on top of your own sales volume.  Again, no need to keep inventory. We take care of all the shipping for you!

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Hub Console

To improve your VSC Coin earnings, Vyvo gives you the opportunity to connect multiple devices utilizing Hubs in the back office, a cloud platform that allows a pool of 5 Vyvo devices to data-mine VSC Coins.

To enjoy this Reward Program, you just need at least one active Hub with just one slot connected to a Member's wallet.

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Lifestyle Bonuses

VyvoLifestyle experiences are a way for us to thank you and recognize your dedication and achievements. When you participate in our events and qualify for our Lifestyle Holiday Trips around the world, you will take part in an unforgettable experience - all while taking your business to even greater levels. These dream trips raise any bar and will raise the bar of your lifestyle and those around you!

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Build your Team

A company that’s all about paying it forward. In this business, all you have to do is share with others how you’re creating your success. The more successful partnerships you create, the more successful your business can become!

Community Member

Business Member

Business Builder 

Business Developer 



Scale Your Business

As your business grows, you will have additional ways to earn income, reaching new ranks along with the opportunity to join our prestigious Millionaire Club!



Success Disclaimer

Please review the Vyvo Opportunity Plan for full rewards details. The Sponsor earnings disclosed are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Sponsor can or will earn through the Vyvo Opportunity Plan. A Sponsor’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort and market conditions. Vyvo does not guarantee any income or rank success.

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