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1. Create an Account 2. App 3. VyvoWallet and Hyperwallet



Create an Account

After your first purchase through your Sponsor, you become part of our Community and you are able to start earning income by referring people.

1. On, click My Account.


  • If you've already registered on the App, fill out the Sign in form with the same credentials, then click on Log-in, as shown in this tutorial.
  • If you are not registered on the VyvoSmart App, choose to Create an Account > Register.



2. Once there, enter the Referral Username of your Sponsor. If you don’t know anyone to register as a Sponsor, you can find one on our list by clicking on the question mark next to the Referrer username field.

  • For Japan only: In the form, enter the Pin provided by your Sponsor.
  • For Taiwan only: Attach the Member agreement provided by your Sponsor.


3. Fill out the rest of the form and click Join.

Remember: When registering with, please use the same email and credentials for the App, VyvoWallet, and Hyperwallet.


4. Once the registration is completed, a pop-up for a quick Health Assessment is required for the correct use of our products. This is not a quiz, it is your personal details in order for our technology to give you accurate reports.


5. You can now shop on for our products and subscriptions. 

6. At checkout, you need to enter your desired payment method (if it is a credit/debit card, make sure it is always topped up for your automatic renewal). 



1. If you haven’t done so yet, download the App, log in with the same credentials of and set it up on your phone -  connecting your device.


VyvoWallet and Hyperwallet creation

1. Log into your VyvoWallet with the same credentials as and the App. Set up your Account along with the Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) and KYC. This will allow you to be part of the VyvoToken Program: receive or spend your Tokens. To learn more about VyvoToken read HERE.

2. When you land on the My Wallets page in your back office, an email will be sent to you notifying the creation of your Hyperwallet account and the availability to activate it. 

You can either:

Use the same e-mail you used to sign up to, the App, and your VyvoWallet. 

Proceed to fill out all the required information. This will enable you to receive your commission and bonuses linked to your referral business.



Vyvo does not assign Tokens or promote investment, financial products, or income from the Token emission. Instead, Tokens are assigned by the Data Token Reward program and data production comes from Vyvo devices and third parties.

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