Introducing Vyvo

We create innovative technologies to improve people’s lives and provide global business opportunities. Our specialties are technological devices and advanced, personalized Artificial Intelligence health and wellness analysis to improve people’s Lifestyle Index.

Whether you're looking for a side hustle or a want to become a new world entrepreneur and become part of our Tribe, we provide you with the platform and resources that you need to start your very own home-based technology business.


A Bold Choice: Reward Our Customers.

Unlike other tech companies, when we started, we made a bold choice – we cut out the middleman and had our products speak for themselves. Being first-hand involved in the research and development of our products, we decided to empower our Members to be the voice for Vyvo and as they shared their love for our products we rewarded them for it. 

That sounds crazy, but ended up being a triple win model.

Our success isn’t due to fancy packaging or expensive marketing (although both are top notch). We wanted to give back by creating unique and easy rewards and business plans for anyone who would like their piece of the tech-money pie just for being our biggest cheerleader. And to us, that means the world and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Your voice is what keeps us striving for greater things!



Build Your Own Business Without Stress.

Reaching your entrepreneurial goals by partnering with us is simple and rewarding. We smooth out the process with a step-by-step business guide, professional marketing collateral, and support systems designed to help you build a successful business and manage your business, right from the comfort of your own home... or wherever you need to be!

From technical support and hands-free logistics to training events and friendly and helpful Customer support, we have you covered! All you need is a laptop/smartphone, wifi, and a burning desire to take your life to the next level. Leaving you time to do what you want, when you want, while earning income.  


Stop Trading Time for Money Building Someone Else’s Empire. 

We were taught in school to get good grades, get a good job, buy a house, raise a family, then pay off debt for the rest of our lives. If that sounds like the path you took, let us show you a different way.

A better way.


When you become part of the Vyvo family, you have the opportunity to earn a leveraged income – which means that you get paid every time someone orders from your website. And when you build a team, you earn other rewards on top of your commissions.


Invest in Yourself and Your Network.

When you invest in yourself there is always growth. When you inspire others, they grow and you grow even more. The Vyvo business is really about investing in people.

Time spent properly developing a relationship a few months back can still produce an income for you today.

We know that starting a business can be difficult. That’s why we removed all the stressful, difficult aspects, such as patents, licenses, administrative work, or logistics to let you do what you do best in this business which is ‘love up on people’. This is not just a regular tech company or home-based business, you are part of the digital health revolution to help innovations in healthcare, and that's something to be really proud of!


Join a Team that Holds a Higher Standard.

Vyvo is at the forefront of the Next Big Thing. Creating a social impact through innovative patented technology connecting our Members to a source that allows people to enjoy autonomy while thriving in a Digital Health Sharing Economy.

Own a business today at minimum cost - and profit from Vyvo’s unstoppable growth.

  • An irresistible hero product 
  • A total system to win and keep Customers 
  • TWO high-growth industries in one 
  • Patented technology from a brilliant inventor 
  • The first blockchain loyalty rewards plan 
  • FIVE ways to earn big 
  • Seamless international markets 
  • Proven success in SIX countries and expanding
  • Exceptional business training and personal  development 
  • State-of-the-art marketing tools 
  • A brilliant, high-integrity executive team 
  • An inspiring mission to be proud of 
  • A dynamic global community of entrepreneurs 
  • A public company where you can earn shares


Let's get you started! →


The Member sales earnings disclosed are potential gross earnings and not net of other business expenses and not necessarily representative of the actual income, if any, that a Member can or will earn through the VyvoSmart RewardsPlan. A Member’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort, and market conditions. Vyvo does not guarantee any income or rank success. See the Average Annual Earnings Disclosure for detailed earnings information per rank.  

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