Time to Collect MORE TOKENS!



Wow! You guys sure have big dreams because you keep running with the Token Reward Program as it continues to be a massive success in the field! So... because of you, we’ve decided to extend this program for one (1) more week, until August 1st, 2021!! Just wait before you tell your team, there’s more!

Your commitment, dedication and passion has set a new standard of a rewarding experience, where our overall goal has been to improve your well-being while rewarding you on your Digital Health Journey. Of course, we can’t only extend one bonus - the opportunity to earn 500 EXTRA TOKENS is also being extended! Hard to believe, but it’s TRUE!




Vyvo believes in rewarding people for contributing to a greater cause. Not only are you helping others create better habits and greater Token Tanks, but you’re also contributing to a social responsibility that is through Vyvo’s one-and-only, in the world, Digital Health Sharing Economy.

This is an incredible revolutionary win-win-win program for only a while longer as we also prepare for the most anticipated arrival of our Phase 3 which will be presented by our very own CEO, Mr. Fabio Galdi, in an exclusive conference that you and your team won't want to miss. 

The CEO Conference is on August 3rd, 2021 and is reserved to all Members who will reach at least Diamond cycle rank between July 5th and August 1st, 2021.

Stay tuned for more exciting details to come… because surprises are never short in the Wonderful World of Vyvo!

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