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Dear valued Member,

We have a couple of exciting news for you!!

The first one is that any Tokens earned by personal orders or direct sales made between May 17th to July 25th will remain in your Token Tank, even if you don’t become a Team Developer Pro within 90 days from your first referral date! Yes, your Tokens are safe in the Tank!

But, wait, there’s more and it’s even more exciting!

If you DO become a Team Developer PRO within 90 days from your first referral date* and you purchase at least one PRO Pack from May 17th to July 25th, we are going to reward you with 500 extra Tokens in your Token Tank!**

YES, you read it right! 500 Vyvo Tokens will be credited into your Token Tank after the closure of the Token Program ending on July 25th***, 2021. Now this is a great incentive to get you into a building frenzy!

Remember, when you keep filling your Token Tank before the end of our exclusive Token Program, the more Tokens you earn means even more earnings for all, thanks to the Sharing Economy Pool Bonus and the Phase 3 of the Vyvo Project.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity because this is about building a solid and brighter future for you and your family and just know that you are our number one priority in our continuous efforts to help you succeed!

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 *You need to become Team Developer Pro after May 17th and within 90 days from your first referral date.
**Please note that the extra Token reward is limited to one per Member. Purchasing more than 1 Pro Pack does not duplicate the Token reward.

***The Token Program, as well as the 500 Extra Token Promotion, is now been extended until August the 1st, 2021.

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