Anytime I buy a Pro Pack, can I accumulate tokens in my Token Tank and keep getting more poolshares for the Sharing Economy Pool Bonus?

Yes, you can accumulate tokens in the Token Tank wallet with no limits. Once you accumulate tokens, to use them, or to participate in the Sharing Economy Pool Bonus, you only need to respect the requirements reported in sections 3.4 and 3.5 of the Vyvo Opportunity Plan.

Please be aware that, starting from August 3rd, 2021, is not possible anymore to participate in the Sharing Economy Pool Reward. For those who are already included, they will receive the Reward until the end of the 12th months, as specified in the previous version of the Vyvo Opportunity Plan


Vyvo does not assign Tokens or promote investment, financial products, or income from the Token emission. Instead, Tokens are assigned by the Data Token Reward program and data production coming from Vyvo devices and third parties.

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