What is the Title Rank?

The Title Rank is given at every commission period end. It is not related to any reward program, but it will give you a public recognition during the business events.

This Rank is determined by the total of the current commission period end’s SV volume in the weak leg with the addition of the SV volume of the last 3 consecutive periods in the weak leg.

The calculation will start from the CP you become Team Developer and excludes the periods you were not a TD yet.

The requirements to get the Title Rank are to be a Team Developer at any level and be active with at least the entry level (30 SV).

Here an example of how the Title Rank calculation works:

Commission Period #115 = 3200 SV

This is the total weak leg’s SV volume.

The calculation only considers the multiples of 300.

So, the final SV total will be 3000.

Added to the previous commission period’s final SV total:

CP #114: 900 SV

CP #113: 1200 SV

CP #112: 3000 SV


The SV total will be = 8100

The Title Rank assigned for this SV amount will be GOLD.

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