What can I do when my Token Tank unlocks?

When your Token Tank unlocks and if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You became Business Developer within 90 days from your first referral date.
  • You are active at 100 SV.

1. If you have accumulated less than 900 Tokens:

You will not be able to withdraw any Tokens; the Token Tank will lock after 30 days from the opening and have to wait for Phase 3.

2. If you have accumulated more than 900 Tokensyou may choose to:

Not withdraw any Tokens, let the Tank lock again, and wait for Phase 3.


Withdraw up to 900 Tokens (you may do so in one or more transfers) and leave the rest for Phase 3.

Please note:

You need to be KYC verified to be able to transfer your Tokens from your VyvoWallet to your Token Tank. If not verified, the transfer option will not be shown in your VyvoWallet Dashboard.

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