How can I upload my ID documents on VyvoWallet in order to get verified through KYC?

1. Log into your VYVO Wallet and on the top bar click on 'Account'. Enter your profile information and click 'Submit'. At this stage, your profile status will be NOT VERIFIED.

Please note: If you do not submit your profile information, you will not be able to continue the process.


An essential step for the safety of your VYVO Wallet is to enable the Two-Factor Authenticator (TFA). Learn how to enable the TFA here.

2.  Once your information is submitted, go to the KYC section on the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen. You will be asked to upload three (3) images of proof of ID. Please make sure that your ID photos/scans meet these image requirements.



  • One photo of the front side of your ID.
  • One photo of the back of your ID.
  • One photo of you holding the front side of your ID with your hand and your face in the photo.

Below are examples of what each image should look like:



Please note: Every requested image must be only in png, jpg, and jpeg formats and bigger than 30KB.

3. Submit your documents’ pictures. You’ll have to wait around 48 hours to be verified. During this process, your profile status will display PENDING.




4. If every step is completed correctly, you will receive an email announcing your successful verification.




Reaching this point, your profile status will now be VERIFIED.




Now that everything is set up, you're ready to build your business with unlimited potential. It's all up to you!

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