How can I activate my VyvoPay Card Pin?

To use and protect your VyvoPay Card, you’ll need to set your Card PIN.

1. Log into your VyvoWallet and go to your VyvoPay Dashboard. You can find it on the left hand sidebar below your profile.

2. On the top blue bar you’ll find the Set Pin button. Click on it.




3. You will immediately receive an email from MatchMove with all the instructions you need to set your PIN. At the bottom of MatchMove’s email you will find a PDF document attached. Please download and open it.



4. The documentis protected by a password that uses the first two (2) letters of your first name on the card application form and your birthdate in the format DDMMYY (Day/Month/Year last two numbers).

For example, John: JO and June 27th 1981 (27/06/81): 270681 = JO270681Please do not use any special characters.




5. Once you open your document, you will find your PIN. As it is very sensitive information, please memorize your PIN and store it carefully.




You can alway manage, reset or change your PIN from your VyvoPay Dashboard.

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