What are the benefits of the KarbO?

  • KarbO will not add calories to your diet - it is NOT considered a sweetener, although it contains the word "sugar" in its name. 

  • The blend of 5 amino acids and chromium will help your body handle the carbohydrates you choose to consume more efficiently.

  • KarbO balances your blood sugar spike after eating and helps you avoid both slumps and sugar cravings.

  • Most weight loss diets often cause an unwanted effect: they mainly lead to loss of lean muscle mass. KarbO, on the other hand, contains chromium picolinate, which is easy to assimilate and will help you lose and maintain weight more sustainably. A recent report also showed that chromium picolinate increases the loss of fat tissue while maintaining lean body mass.

  • In addition to the benefits above and, of course, keeping you hydrated – the 5 essential amino acids provide a variety of important supportive functions for your body: digestion boost, wound healing, immune functions, and detoxification are just a few examples. 

    Biotin is an important component of the enzymes in the body that break down certain substances like fats and carbohydrates.

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