How can I turn off my Subscription AutoRenew?

1. Log into your Vyvo account. Go to PRODUCTS > My Subscription.

2. On the right side of the page, you'll see AutoRenewSettings. Right under the notes, there is an Enabled switch. That means that the AutoRenew is active. Just click on it to disable it. 


3. A confirmation message will pop-up. Click on YES if you are sure you want to disable the AutoRenewal.


4. After the confirmation, your AutoRenewal will display Disabled.


To avoid a new automatic Subscription payment, disable the auto-renew function up to the day before the Subscription monthly renewal date. 


Please note:

the Subscription AutoRenew can be enabled and disabled (more than once) exclusively within the month it is active. When AutoRenew is disabled and the Subscription month ends, you’ll have to manually purchase the Subscription again.

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