How Can I Change My Subscription?

1. First, log into your VYVO account. Then, go to PRODUCTS > My Subscription.



3. In the Subscription store section, choose the Subscription you want to switch to and click CHOOSE

Your active Subscription is indicated in red as ACTIVE.


4. Once you pay for your new subscription, it will automatically switch at the end of the previous one. This happens when you have already been included in an Oracle Wellness Report Run with your current subscription. If you haven’t yet, this is the message that will pop up when you select the new subscription:


If you select ACTIVE LATER, the new subscription will automatically switch at the end of the previous one. If you select ACTIVE NOW, your subscription will switch immediately.

If you choose ACTIVE NOW, please be aware that your subscription expiration date will not be postponed with the new subscription.

Please note:

in any case, the price of the new subscription and the previous one will be paid entirely.

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